John Mantooth's Daughter Launches 'Do Not Vote for My Dad' Campaign


Anyone running for some sort of office in a political election can expect their fair share of bad press and negative propaganda. But John Mantooth is a special case–not in that he isn’t receiving the bad press, but in that he is…and it’s coming from his daughter. Mantooth’s second daughter, Jan Schill and her husband, Andrew Schill, have launched a campaign against Mantooth, who is an Oklahoma judicial candidate. Their goal: To keep Mantooth from becoming a judge.

Not only did the couple take out a full-page newspaper ad with the heading ‘DO NOT VOTE FOR MY DAD!’ and the phrase ‘HE WOULD NOT BE A GOOD JUDGE!’ but they also created a website, to drive their point home. On their website, the Schill’s draw attention to several cases in which Mantooth has been sued, and some personal problems they have with him as well–including a story about the time he tried to “gift” his daughter with chocolates old enough to have worms eating through them.

So why did Schill decide to take all this public in a forceful campaign against her own father? “We just felt like it would be bad if he were to become a judge,” she simply stated. Mantooth claims the couple has ulterior motives: primarily that Andrew Schill was the law partner of Mantooth’s opponent, Greg Dixon. But whatever the true reasoning behind this, it’s clear Mantooth is going to have to work pretty hard to offset his own daughter’s attacks.


Photo: AP Photo/Andrew and Jan Schill

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