John Maybe Not Going To Leave The Church Of Scientology



To paraphrase The Godfather III, just when John Travolta thought he was out… they pulled him back in. The “they” here, is none other than the mysterious Church of Scientology, and it appears that rumors about John leaving aren’t entirely accurate.

Says Travolta’s rep, Paul Bloch:

“There’s no change in the relationship between the Church of Scientology and John. He is a member and it’s as it was, now and forever.”

Following his son Jett’s sudden and tragic death, it seemed that for a moment Travolta’s long standing relationship with the church was in serious trouble. That’s mainly because Scientology was believed to be the main reason Travolta refused to accept the fact that Jett was autistic.

Apparently, one of Church of Scientology’s more controversial beliefs is that there are no neurological illnesses, like autism. And, one of the symptoms of autism — which Jett was diagnosed with — is seizures like the one that ultimately led to Jett’s death.

Instead, Travolta insisted that Jett suffered from the exceedingly rare Kawaski’s Disease, an illness that affects the blood vessels in young children.

Apparently, John doesn’t see the connection between Jett’s death and his beliefs as clearly as some people do.