John Stamos Glee Video Preview Of Tonight's Britney/Brittany!

John Stamos
John Stamos "Glee:" Have mercy!

Britney Spears isn’t the only special guest star joining “Glee” tonight! On the Britney/Britanny episode, John Stamos also begins a guest stint playing Emma’s new boyfriend, Dr. Carl, a dentist with a real oral fixation, at least when it comes to teaching kids good oral hygiene. He has an awkward encounter with Will, Emma’s former flame, at her office at school during tonight’s episode.

Will being Will, seeing Emma with another man will surely inspire him to redouble his efforts to win her back, even though she was MIA on last week’s premiere. Read on for the video.

So what do you think is Stamos a good edition to the cast? Do you, like me, wonder every time you see him appear in something, “Why is Uncle Jesse there?”


Photo: Wikipedia