John Travolta Admits Autism In Extortion Case


jett-john-travoltaJohn Travolta is having a rough week, at least I think it has to be pretty rough. You may know he and his wife are in the Bahamas testifying in a case against his would be extortioners.

He’s had to do a couple of things that would be emotionally exhausting. He had to relive the day of his son’s death and he also had to make a statement that he never wanted to.

He had to admit that Jett was autistic.

My heart goes out to the family. It has to be so hard to have to go and admit something that you wanted to deny for years. I’m not here to cast judgment. They are the parents that have to live with the question of whether the treatments for autism could have saved his life.  That’s something that is hard enough to come to terms with, they don’t need the extra noise from every body else.