John Travolta Acknowledges Son Jett Was Autistic?



John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s oldest child, son Jett, 16, died on January 2, 2009, and the official cause of death was released as “death by a seizure.”  Most people believed Jett to be autistic, which, could have lead to his seizures.  However, the Travoltas have always denied the autism claim, at least publicly.  They said he suffered from Kawasaki disease, a rare illness that affects the blood vessels in young children.

But, according to NE and a newly revealed “official police statement,” John Travolta admits Jett was autistic.

The ENQUIRER has obtained John Travolta‘s statement to police, which reveals for the first time, in his own words, how he bravely battled to save his dying 16-year-old son. Jett.autism as a diagnosis.Nassau on Feb. 25.

The document is a dramatic never-before-seen minute-by-minute account of the crisis, in which the star appears to have done everything he could to bring his son back to life.

In the three-page document signed by Travolta, the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 star acknowledges that his son was autistic.

The autism disclosure adds to the family’s previous claims that Jett suffered from Kawasaki disease, a rare illness that affects the blood vessels in young children. Travolta is a leading Scientologist, and Scientology doesn’t always agree with

Travolta divulged the details of Jett’s final minutes in an official interview with the Royal Bahamas Police at the Central Detective Unit in Nassau.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t admit Jett was autistic?  Well, I know why, apparently because of their Scientology beliefs, but I don’t understand why the Scientology… “faith,” for lack of a better word, will not acknowledge any sort of mental or neurological illness?  Is it the belief that someone with special challenges, is somehow less?  If so, that’s really sad.

There’s no doubt the Travoltas doted on, and loved their precious son, and obviously, no amount of speculation will bring the boy back, but as a mom myself, with a special needs child, my heart breaks for them that they couldn’t fully embrace (allegedly) the challenges Jett had because of their religion.

The Travolta family is still grieving, obviously, and we do hope with the love and support of family and friends, they will one day be able to smile again.


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