John Travolta Extortion Case: The Details Come Out


jett-john-travoltaThe tragic death of John Travolta’s son Jett was a total shock to the celebrity parenting world, and now it’s spawned one of the most twisted and bizarre cases of celebrity blackmail in recent years. According to news coming from the ongoing trial, paramedic Tarino Lightbourne wanted $25M to keep quiet about the circumstances surrounding Jett’s death.

As the story goes, Travolta, being a deeply-entrenched Scientologist (who refused to believe that Jett was autistic) refused to let paramedics take his 16-year-old son to a local hospital. Instead he insisted that Jett be taken to an airport (45 minutes away) to have him flow back to the US.

At some point during the chaos, John was asked to sign a “refusal of medical attention” form, limiting the liability of paramedics. Which he did.

However, Travolta eventually back listened to reason and allowed Jett to be transported to the Rand Memorial Hospital, where he died.

So apparently, that’s the mystery document that the greedy paramedic threatened to reveal if he didn’t get his $25M. And, in all honesty, it really doesn’t reflect too well on John Travolta’s judgment.

Still, that doesn’t justify any attempt to extort money from a bereaved father! What a total A-hole!

There definitely might be a cautionary tale in here somewhere about parents with very strong and controversial ideas about conventional medicine.