Johnny Depp at Cry Baby Reunion at the Johnny Ramone Cemetery Tribute (Photos)


There was a very special and star-studded event over the weekend in a cemetery in Los Angeles. No, it wasn’t a funeral — it was a celebration of film and the late Johnny Ramone of the legendary band The Ramones!

This was the 9th annual tribute to Johnny Ramone, which took place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery by the eight foot tall bronze statue of the punk icon, who died of prostate cancer in 2004. This annual event also paid tribute to John Waters’ cult classic Cry Baby. The film, as well as various pieces of Ramones live footage, were projected on the wall of a nearby mausoleum. And as a special treat, the stars of the film reunited for a panel discussion hosted by John Waters.

Traci Lords, James Intveld, Ricki Lake, and Johnny Depp came out for the event to talk about the film. Cry Baby played a pivotal role in the lives of its stars. It was the first leading film role for Johnny Depp after starring on 21 Jump Street, was the first big role for Ricki Lake, and was Traci Lords’ first foray in a non-racy role.

Check out photos of Johnny Depp, John Waters, Ricki Lake, Dita von Teese, and Traci Lords at the graveside tribute right here.

  • Johnny Depp and Linda Ramone 1 of 7

    Johnny Depp posed with very snappy dresser Linda Ramone, the wife of Johnny Ramone.

    Photo Source: Twitter/Ricki Lake

  • Johnny Depp and John Waters 2 of 7
    Johnny Depp and John Waters enjoys a smoke and Becks beer during the 9th annual tribute to Johnny Ramone held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

    Johnny Depp and director John Waters during the panel discussion on Cry Baby.

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  • Ricki and Her Kids! 3 of 7

    "Look, ran into my on screen children, Suzy Q and Snare Drum from Cry Baby!"
    And they're all grown up!

    Photo Source: Twitter/Ricki Lake

  • Traci Lords 4 of 7

    Traci Lords totally giving her Cry Baby pucker!

    Photo Source: Traci Lords/Twitter

  • Traci Lords and Ricki Lake 5 of 7

    The Cry Baby costars hide out in John Waters' trailer.

    Photo Source: Twitter/Traci Lords


  • The Panel 6 of 7

    Traci Lords snapped this photo of the Cry Baby panel!

    Photo Source: Traci Lords/Twitter

  • Dita Von Teese and Steve Jones 7 of 7
    Dita von Teese attends the 9th annual tribute to Johnny Ramone held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

    Dita von Teese was all dolled up with Steve Jones at the event, looking fabulous as always.

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