Johnny Depp Can't Take Kids To Disneyland



Sure, most of us like to fantasize about having the awesome life of a movies star… the money, the fame, the yacht parties. But there is one thing that you can do that even Johnny Depp can’t, and that’s take your kids to Disneyland in peace.

When asked by Digital Journal about the one thing he’d like to do if he could have his anonymity back, this was his reply:

“I’d walk through … with my kids,” he reveals. “That’s what I’d do…”

“I’d go in every ride and I’d walk through Disneyland with my kids and let them experience all the those most kids do. They don’t get to with daddy. When daddy walks through Disneyland with them, things get weird.”

That’s the truth people, and he wasn’t even paid to say that after winning the super bowl either. Johnny Depp wants to go to Disneyland.

Forget Disneyland, I’ve been to Disney World. Heck, I even got a couple fast passes and everything. I wonder if Johnny Depp is jealous.