Johnny Depp: Does He Need A Style Intervention? (Photos)

Why Johnny?

We totally understand that Johnny Depp has manufactured himself to be the anti-Hollywood poster boy who prefers to live in the French countryside with his pop star wife and kids, but for the love of Vanessa Paradis, why must he dress this way?

Johnny, who was born in Kentucky, spent his high school years in South Florida and moved to Los Angeles to kick-start his career, appeared on the red carpet Tuesday night at New York City’s Modern of Museum Art for his latest film The Rum Diaries looking a bit… um… homeless again?

Just because you live like a French peasant doesn’t mean you have to dress like one who is on his way to a wedding, Mr. Depp.  Oh, and we won’t even go there with those violet-colored spectacles again.  That is just crushing my fashion-conscious heart.

Check out our photos of Johnny at the premiere here and tell us, do you think he needs a style intervention?


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    Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp at "The Rum Diary" premiere at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.
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    Johnny Depp
    Does he need a style intervention?
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    Johnny Depp
    This blogger thinks so!



It’s OK, Johnny, you’ll always be one of Babble’s Coolest Celeb Dads!