Johnny Depp & Family Moving To The English Country?


Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis live what is ostensibly the most charmed life in the history of the planet. They are both insanely good looking, wealthy, successful, and seem to handle fame with ease, staying out of scandals, and paparazzi flashes. Their secret: They do not talk about their private life and keep the kids Lily Rose, 10, and Jack, 7,  away from the cameras and press. How is this possible? They do not live in LA or NY.

The couple have recently been spotted in “the depths” of Suffolk, England, and may be moving there permanently, reports The Sun.  Brenda Beeton, vice-chairman of Rushbrooke with Rougham parish council, said: “Rumours are flying that he’s coming here. I’ve heard his children might have been registered at the village school.”

While I am sure there are plenty of ways to get in trouble in the English stix, it will prevent the kids from other trials that celeb kids have historically faced such as clubbing, exiting cars and giving accidental upskirts, or fighting outside of bars.

The couple currently live in France, but also have homes in Los Angeles and an island in the Bahamas which aids in keeping the kids out of the spotlight. In a recent article in the UK edition of Bazaar UK Vanessa said, “Apparently, we are buying a house every year… I surely dream of a house in England, but it has not happened yet.”

Maybe Johnny decided to do some wish fullfillment? When asked in the same article about how she brings up her children, she said, “They are not in the public domain.”

Smart lady.


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