Johnny Depp on David Letterman: Depp a Justin Bieber Fan? (Video)

Johnny Depp on David Letterman
Johnny Depp talks Justin Bieber on Letterman

Johnny Depp sits down with David Letterman in this Late Show interview video, promoting his new movie “The Rum Diary.”

Depp also talked about his daughter, Lily Rose, and her love of Justin Bieber.

Johnny, being the good dad that he is, made arrangements to take his daughter to a Bieber show and go backstage to meet the teen heartthrob.

Is Johnny Depp a Justin Bieber fan?

Depp calls him a “very sweet kid” and says it’s a bit astonishing to see your child frozen by meeting an idol.

Depp was asked if he was a “Belieber” during a press conference for “Rango”… then, from out of nowhere, Bieber appeared!

Depp and Letterman joked that Bieber was somehow conjured up!