Johnny Depp Wants To Keep His Responsible Dad Image Intact

Keeping it cool: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp would like you to know that he prefers to play with Barbie dolls than with supermodels these days, thank you very much.

The actor, who is best known as Captain Jack Sparrow to many of our kids, is none too pleased that ex-girlfriend and celebrity mom Kate Moss plans to dish out the dirt about their relationship in her new memoir.

Sources reveal that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor has sent several emails to his old flame Kate, asking her to keep his name out of her book.  Kate, though, doesn’t seem to be getting the message on her end.

According to Showbiz Spy, an inside source says, “Johnny’s worked really hard to shed his bad boy image, and he’s livid that Kate is going to write about her crazy antics.”

“Plus, he’s worried that someday his kids will read all about what a wild man he was.”

Sources close to Kate though say the supermodel is still bitter about their break up (how many years has it been?) and is eager to add details about their partying days together, as she knows it will be a selling point in her book.

Johnny, meanwhile, seems to be also concerned about what his partner and the mother of his two children, Vanessa Paradis, will say when she reads details about the old Johnny in the book.  “Johnny is a family man now and Vanessa will flip out if she reads the nitty-gritty details about his wild life with Kate,” adds the source.

What do you think?  Is Kate being a responsible mother herself by selling the details of her more scandalous years when she was younger?  Is Johnny right to be offended about her publishing the book?