Johnny Depp Will Have A Tire Iron Ready When His Daughter Starts Dating

johnny depp, the rum diary
Johnny Depp talks about his family.

As an actor, Johnny Depp has quite the busy life.  But if he was kept away from his family too long, he’d go sideways.

While filming The Rum Diary in Puerto Rico, Depp has his wife Vanessa Paradis, and their two children, Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, 9, stay with him.

He said, “I had the family down there for a couple of months. As you well know, it’s almost impossible to be away from them for too long a period. You start to go a little sideways.”

And with his daughter, Lily-Rose, quickly approaching her teen years, Depp is quite nervous of her dating days ahead.

“I’ll probably be standing there with a tire iron,” he told E! News. “Yeah, probably there’ll be a bottle of rum in my left hand and a tire iron in the right hand.”

How did you handle your child when they started dating?

[Photo via PR Photos.]