Johnny Depp's Kids Won't Be In ShowBiz


johnny-depp-1Don’t expect Johnny Depp’s kids to follow in daddy’s footsteps in the business? His greatest fear is that his kids will become actors.

He recently said: One thing is certain – neither of them will ever get bored. I always show them my various costumes and they love it. My children seem to take my job for granted. But I honestly hope that Lily-Rose and Jack don’t want to become actors – that’s my greatest fear!”

“I’m just an actor and not a hero. It doesn’t make any sense to me that I should leave the world anything. To me only one thing is really important – I want my children to be proud of me!”

I think they should be proud of his body of work, I know I appreciate it.

He’s played a variety roles over his lifetime, but his favorite roles is that of a family man. His family is the most important thing in his life and wants to please them more than he wants to win any award.