Johnny Hallyday In a Coma - Wife and Kids Go Shopping


Laetitia Halliday, Jade Odette Desiree Halliday, Joy HallidayWhile dad Johnny Hallyday is in the hospital in a medically induced coma, his kids along with wife Leatitia Hallyday took the kids shopping. The good news?  That Johnny Hallyday – who is considered “the French Elvis” is expected to make a full recovery. He had to have surgery to fix some damage left by a previous, botched, surgery. His wife, perhaps to distract the kids in this time of family crisis, took the girls Jade and Joy, to an American Girl store in Los Angeles where Jade got herself a new doll, always a good way to cheer up a little girl.

Laetitia Halliday, Jade Odette Desiree Halliday, Joy Halliday

Laetitia Halliday, Joy Halliday, Jade Odette Desiree Halliday

Photo: INF Photos