Johnny Knoxville Tones Down the Crazy For Some Family Fun! (Photos)


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Johnny Knoxville ties his son's shoes.

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville may be used to performing crazy antics for cameras, but when it comes to spending time with his family, he can easily morph into a doting dad!

Knoxville was spotted on Memorial Day (May 28) with his wife Naomi Nelson, son Rocko, and daughter Arlo at the Farmer’s Market!

Johnny showcased a series of smiles as his son played on a bouncy slide, the two tied their shoes together, and Rocko helped push Arlo around the market.

Take a look at the precious photos below!

  • Johnny Knoxville and Family 1 of 6
    Johnny Knoxville and Family
    Johnny Knoxville spends the day with wife Naomi Nelson, son Rocko, and daughter Arlo at the Farmer's Market in LA.
  • Good Times 2 of 6
    Good Times
    The "Jackass" stuntman looked to be having a good time as he let Rocko play on a bouncy slide and pushed baby Arlo in a stroller.
  • Helping Hand 3 of 6
    Helping Hand
    Daddy helped Rocko put on his shoes.
  • Walk Through the Market 4 of 6
    Walk Through the Market
    The family then took a walk through the market.
  • Too Fast! 5 of 6
    Too Fast!
    Johnny let Rocko push the baby stroller, but it seems he was going a bit fast!
  • Rocko’s Help 6 of 6
    Rocko's Help
    And Rocko is back to pushing the stroller. He must have improved!

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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