Join Jessica Alba in Her Attempt to Keep Our Kids Safe!

jessica alba pregnant
Jessica Alba at a press conference today

Celeb mom Jessica Alba wants to keep our kids safe. She joined  the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition.

This group supports the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, which would increase the safety of chemicals used in consumer products and help keep vulnerable populations, like children and pregnant women, protected.

See what Jessica Alba is saying and how you can join in this effort:

We need a steady drumbeat of American moms telling Congress to fight for the safety of your family. Join me today in asking Congress for common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

Thank you,
Jessica Alba

Jessica has been tweeting about the Safe Chemicals Act and attended a press conference today about it. She even answers twitter questions about safe baby bottles and pacifiers. She recommends Bornfree or Thinkbaby.

As a mom to one and another on the way, this is an issue close to Jessica Alba’s heart. You can find out more about the Safe Chemicals Act.

Photo: Twitter