Jolie Gives $100,000 To Aid Pakistan


This superstar mom never hesitates to help those in need! 

Earlier this week, the UNHCR goodwill ambassador expressed her concern after devastating floods swept through Pakistan killing 2,000 and effecting millions. To make matters worse, sources are reporting that, “aid has been short and slow in coming.” 

Although in Europe to promote her movie “Salt,” Angelina’s philanthropic side took over . Jolie stated, “This one is really one that we really have to urgently get in there and try and do what we can. We’ll financially help, we’ll try to figure out which is the best group, we’ll probably do HCR and hope to visit and go when the attention dies down and maintain the attention.” 

In addition to her attention to the issue, Jolie has now reportedly donated $100,000 of her own to help the relief efforts in Pakistan. Hopefully other stars will follow her lead! 

Photo: Prphotos