Jolie-Pitt Twins on the Venice Balcony. Again.


Okay, I was kidding before. But now I’m really beginning to think the doors to the Jolie-Pitt family’s balcony in Venice reads “Twins Only.” Or maybe Knox and Vivienne’s play room is out on the veranda? Regardless, Brad Pitt’s mom Jane was spotted holding Knox again (is he her favorite or what?) as Angelina carries Vivienne. Is there a chill in the air or is it me?  Rumors have long held that the Pitts weren’t huge fans of Angelina, but maybe that was just wishful thinking by Team Aniston supporters?  

Us Weekly calls this moment “bonding on the balcony.” Perhaps they see something I don’t. But let’s hope they are.   And is this not the cutest pic of Vivienne — ever!