Jon and Kate Are Both in LA - But Who'd Watching the Kids?


goslinsJon and Kate, the bitter ex-couple, are both spending some time in Los Angeles, but not together. So, if they’re both in LA, who’s watching the kids?

Not Kate, she’s busy shopping at The Grove on Wednesday while Jon was spotted puffing on a post flight cigarette outside of LAX. Will there be a rendezvous for the two at Chateau Marmont? Doubtful.

Kate was in LA for the The Women’s Conference as one of the speakers in a roster along side luminaries such as Maria Shriver, Madeleine Albright, Arianna Huffington and Jane Goodall. Wow, Kate has gone a long way. And Jon? Maybe he’s ready for his date with the Octomom.

But while these two are out seeking fame and fortune, who’s watching their eight kids? The nannies. Good thing there’s money back in their bank account to pay ‘em!