Jon and Kate Gosselin Play House


Kate and Jon Gosselin, together again! Well, not really. But they are both back at their Reading, PA house, doing a little bit of photo-opping housework. Here’s Jon, taking out the trash (Too many jokes! Cannot process!) playing the part of the dutiful suburban dad. And Kate, doing the grocery shopping, reminding us of all those hungry mouths she has to feed.

I don’t mean to sound completly cynical. I’m sure its nice for the eight to see their parents spending a little time together without being at each other’s throats, and maybe Jon and Kate are trying to leave behind some of the drama in favor of a little decorum. But for some reason, this weekend of domestic responsibility seems to me to be one part spring cleaning, one part image rehab. Which is fine by me, I guess. Anything’s better than the public squabbling.

More photos of Jon and Kate getting their housework on after the jump.