Jon and Kate Plus 8 Ratings Take A Dive


jon-kate-ratings-diveRatings from Monday night’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 are in, and let’s just say they’re not exactly what TLC had hoped for. While viewership was still significantly higher than last year’s average, ratings dropped 61% from the previous “divorce announcement” episode.

At this point, you might expect me to rattle on about how America is sick of these two, and that their 15 minutes are up… but actually, I think that J&K are just simply bigger than the show now.

Nobody really cares about the show anymore… or the plus 8. Why wait for the shows to air when you can read every detail about the Gosselins’ lives almost instantaneously?

Since the June 22 divorce announcement episode, Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been on hiatus, but that hasn’t slowed down the media frenzy that’s surrounding the real Jon and Kate one bit.

There’s no telling how long the feeding frenzy will last. As long as people buy magazines with the Gosselins on the cover, Jon and Kate will continue to be the focal point of the tabloid media.