Jon Cryer on Charlie Sheen: Did He Speak Out on Twitter?


Jon Cryer, the actor who plays Charlie Sheen’s brother Alan in “Two and a Half Men”, says he his “shocked” by what he is hearing. But is he really?

On Twitter, Cryer wrote: “It’s too sad! Sorry guys, that you must hear so bad news! I’m also shocked!” Cryer then retweeted a follower who commented “Two and a Half Men is axed.”

CBS recently pulled the plug on its top-rated Two and a Half Man following Sheen’s string of hostile interviews earlier this week bashing the show’s executive producer Chuck Lorre.

Cryer is the first castmember to speak out following this week’s wild turn of events….except, did he really speak out?

After reading the tweet, TMZ thought that Cryer’s Twitter account looked questionable, so they contacted one of his reps. The rep immediately responded:  “Actually Jon does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. I would love for you to let folks know this is all bogus.”

So there you go. Jon Cryer has not spoken out about Charlie Sheen’s goings-ons.

Photo: PR Photos