Jon Gosselin And Hailey Out Shopping For Porsches


jon-hailey-b_1Often, actions speak louder than words. After denying that he was having a midlife crisis, Jon proved it once and for all by going shopping for a daddy wagon high end sports car with his 22 year-old girlfriend.

Oh, yes way. Radar has reported that Jon and his squeeze (for lack of a better word) were spotted taking a test drive at both the Porche and Mercedes dealership in New City, NY.

Shouldn’t Jon be test driving an Econoline, or a church bus? Maybe I missed it, but I’ve never heard of Porsche offering a vehicle that seats 9.

While Kate’s out putting around in a family-hauler, Jon’s out shopping for a sportster with seats that recline so he can make out with his groupies. No way is Jon having a mid-lifer.

At least, let’s hope that the new wheels are for Jon. Jon & Kate Plus 8 pays well I’m sure, but no enough to buy your girlfriend a Porsche.