Jon Gosselin Borrowed Money from Hailey Glassman to Pay Kate


It turns out Hailey Glassman, ex-girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, has questionable taste in men and is dumb to boot. Copies of checks show that Glassman “lent” Gosselin $88,000 in October to replenish the joint account that Gosselin pilfered during the divorce process. When a judge ordered him to replace the missing funds (Kate says he took over $200,000, leaving her just $1,000 to care for the kids) Gosselin didn’t have that much cash — so apparently Glassman made up te difference. Perhaps she viewed it as an investment in their future, but I’d sooner invest money with Bernie Madoff.

Glassman has been Tweeting that Gosselin owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars and she did write “loan” on the check, so clearly she expected to be paid back.  She sent him a text message in December:

“I’m done. U owe me money. I’m done with ur abuse. U say ur done? I’m done. There’s nothing to discuss. U can call Robbie [Hailey’s uncle] to explain ur bulls***.”

I suspect we’ll see this in court — Glassman strikes me as litigious. Hopefully the new girlfriend is too broke (or smart) to lend him money.


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