Jon Gosselin Can't Get Verified on Twitter


Jon Gosselin can’t seem to get verified on Twitter.  Either the folks at Twitter don’t believe Jon, or don’t think he has enough celebrity status.

He reached ‘celebrity status’ being married to Kate Gosselin and starring with their eight children on the TLC show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight.  Now the show has ended and Kate and Jon are divorced.  But that doesn’t stop Jon from wanting to stay in the spotlight. 

Shouldn’t he?  Kate has obviously enjoyed the successes of being on television, why can’t Jon?

Jon Gosselin won’t be winning any father of the year awards.  But he does have quite a few supporters out there and now they can connect with him directly on Twitter.

Yesterday he Tweeted about his kids and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross.

“Missing my kids, can’twait till the next time i get to see them!!”

“So happy to have an amazing person in my life that supports me, thank you @ellen_ross1

Jon’s profile picture on Twitter is one of him holding up a hand-written sign stating the web address of his Twitter account. When a celebrity does this, it proves the person is the real deal and then gets verified by Twitter, receiving the seal of approval on their profile.

But Jon has not been given the celebrity seal of approval yet.

What do you think, does Jon Gosselin deserve “celebrity status”?

Photos: Jon Gosselin on Twitter