Jon Gosselin Countersues TLC For $5 Million


jon-gosselin-rabbi1Responding to a breach of contract lawsuit filed against him by TLC, Jon and his legal team have decided to strike back against the network that helped Jon ruin his life. Team Jon is asking for $5M for not allowing him to earn a living as a media sleazebag like Michael Lohan. It’s the ultimate Jon Gosselin move.

You might think that Jon would sue TLC for destroying his family unit, but I’m pretty sure TLC got him to sign off on that release form. Instead, he’s apparently trying to claim that he was under-represented during the network’s many contract re-negotiations.

During the summer months, Jon was jet setting all over the world looking to cash in on any kind of public appearance he could find — many of which were apparently prohibited by his contract with TLC. He also planned to star in a TV show with Michael Lohan called The Divorced Dads Club — also shot down by TLC’s legal team.

So, I can kind of understand why Jon’s raging at the network. Still, a contract’s a contract, and all the contract did was prevent him from reaching his full douchebag potential.

Over the past couple of weeks, it appears that Jon is really running out of options and it’s actually starting to look a little sad. He had his girlfriend go on TV and make up abuse stories, just to get a paycheck. Then Jon lets the paps take pictures of him putting his toddlers on an ATV — no telling how much they paid him for those.

The million dollar question is: how is he going to pay those legal bills? Sheesh.