Jon Gosselin Decides To Grow Up?



Jon Gosselin has been a walking billboard for Ed Hardy designs but now he wants to have a more “mature” look and is ditching the flashy tees for more grown-up styles.

Oh, so it’s just his fashion sense that will mature, not his actual personality.  Too bad for his children, I guess.

A friend said, “Jon realized his look was a little immature.  He’s focusing a lot on business and wants to make sure he looks appropriate.”

“You’ll see him more in button-down shirts and solid colors,”added the pal.  “He’s focused on work and you’ll see that in the way he will dress.”

Perhaps it’s a start. If he starts dressing like a man instead of an immature frat boy, maybe he’ll regain some of his common sense and be a better parent and ex-husband to Kate.  Maybe.

Fingers crossed!