Jon Gosselin Ditches Daughters For Choosing Mommy


jon-gosselin-smoking-pot-photoJon Gosselin ended his long running gig as a reality TV star on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 by being a tool.

In the series finale on Monday, he let it be known that he wouldn’t tolerate any kids showing favoritism towards Mommy.

One of the twins, the couple’s older and slightly less famous children, had the audacity to say, “I like the stuff we do with Mommy better.” while making signs for a lemonade stand.

Jon’s fatherly response?

“I’m throwing your posters in the garbage and you’ll stay home with a baby-sitter while the rest of us go sell lemonade . . OK, you’re done. Goodbye.”

And he followed through, leaving both twins at home while taking the remaining six children off to sell lemonade for the paparazzi.  I mean, firemen.

“Mady and Cara weren’t having a particularly good day,” Jon’s voice over explained.

Yes, Jon, nine year olds can be so childish sometimes, can’t they?

Maybe it runs in the family.  Jon noted his own child like behavior later in the show, saying “I’ve learned I’ve gotta stop being a kid.  I gotta grow up one day and take responsibility.”

Wise words from a 32-year old father of eight.