Jon Gosselin Doesn't Want His Kids To "Google" Him



Jon Gosselin does not want his eight children to ever “Google” him, for fear of what they might see.  Uh, isn’t it a bit late to be worried about that

The kids are bound to see the photos of dad Jon with Hailey Glassman and Kate Major.  While it could be years from now and those women will most likely not be in Jon’s life, the Gosselin kids will no doubt be curious and search.  Actually, Mady and Cara will be nine this year… they could have seen something already.  Kids are smart about computers, maybe the older girls have snuck online while mom Kate wasn’t looking and did some searches.  It’s certainly possible!

However, Jon plans to be more careful about who he is seen in public with from here on out.

He tells Us:

“It’s crazy.  I don’t want [8-year-old twins] Mady and Cara Googling me, and I have to explain [a photo] and lose that trust between my children. No, it’s dumb. Or explain it to my ex, Kate. Or explain to anybody what’s going on.”

Perhaps Jon is cluing in now, that he really needs to be careful in order to protect his children, but I’m afraid it’s a bit late as far as the photos that are already out there for the world to see.  If his kids do come across them, he will have to explain things as best he can.  Daddy was 32 then, but I thought I was 20.  Sorry kids.