Jon Gosselin Gives Marriage Tips For Newlyweds (Video)


Jon GosselinThe paparazzi caught up with Jon Gosselin on his way back from a wedding in Hawaii last weekend (who’d want that guy’s bad mojo at their wedding?), and one of the paps was sucking up so much that they actually asked Jon if he had any advice for the newlyweds. No kidding.

These were Jon’s advice:

“Just uh communication and stay true… and aloha mama.”

Uhhh, yeah. There’s not a whole lot to say here, except “wow that’s kinda ironic.” Right?

I guess it’s pretty safe advice and not as bitter as most divorced dads would give. At least that.

My general advice, not that you should be taking advice from me, is “never take advice from someone with a sex tape.” Unfortunately — although not surprisingly — it looks like Jon falls into that category.