Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman Make Out In Public



I hope you haven’t eaten yet, and if not, you may want to hold off.  Jon Gosselin and his 22-year-old girlfriend – you know, his “soulmate” – Hailey Glassman, were spotted making out near his Wernersville, Pa. hometown last week.  I’m sure his children will love this awesome display of affection.

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Jon went all out to impress his girl and borrowed a ’68 Chevelle from a friend and the couple went to Blue Mark Lake to have breakfast at a local diner.

A source said, “They definitely looked like two people in love.  They were both laughing and smiling and just enjoying being together finally without worrying about being seen.  They kissed and held hands a lot.”  Without being seen? I think that’s a big FAIL since there are photos.

Ugh.  Why must this man continually flaunt his crap in front of the cameras when he KNOWS his eight children could (and most likely will) see it?  Why can’t he act like a 32-year-old GROWN man who has CHILDREN instead of a guy who is under the impression he’s 20 (no offense to 20-year-olds) and without responsibilities?

If you’re a sucker for punishment, check out the rest of Jon and Hailey’s PDA.