Jon Gosselin Halts Production Of Kate Plus 8!


gosselinMe thinks someone is a wee bit bitter. After reports came out that Jon & Kate Plus 8 would be droppin’ the Jon, the dad of eight ain’t just angry …he’s getting even.

Jon Gosselin has demanded that TLC stop production of the show immediately. He is making claims now, and only after his own role may be cut out, that the show is “detrimental to his kids”. An insider said that “Its pretty clear what’s going on: Now that Jon isn’t going to be on the show, he wants the show to end. All these years he’s maintained that the kids aren’t harmed by the show, but the minute he’s removed from the show, suddenly its bad for his family.”

Another inside said that Jon claims that “TLC never secured proper work permits for his eight children, didn’t compensate them properly, and didn’t get location permits to film at the Wernersville, Pa., home he shares with estranged wife Kate.”

TLC has stated that “”We are aware of Jon Gosselin’s recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic. Despite Jon Gosselin’s repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he remains under an exclusive contract with TLC. Direct filming of the children has been currently suspended, pending further conversations between both parents.”

Is Jon bitter, hells yes.


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