Jon Gosselin Has A New Girlfriend & Wants A New Show


Jon Gosselin has entered the “gimmie” phase of his development.

First off: Jon has reportedly found a woman who will actually date him. Who is she?

After being kicked out by his last girlfriend when he filed his lawsuit against Kate, he met a new 40-something sugar mamma who lives in Washington DC. A source tells US Weekly, “She’s rich — and he’s hoping to have her back one of his projects.”


Secondly:  John is still under contract with TLC, which means any projects she shells out cash for will have to be through them.  He’s been lobbying the network for his own show now that Kate has her own coming up.

Would you watch? What should it be called?  Jon Minus Kate Seeks Legal Action For 8? How To Embarrass Yourself Publicly? America’s Next Top Ed Hardy Model? 


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