Jon Gosselin Has Had It!



Jon Gosselin, super-famous daddy from TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8, is normally a man of few words, at least at times, but he can’t take much more and is fed up.  So, he has something to say, particularly about his kids.

As for the allegations that he and wife Kate are exploiting their kids:

“Exploited?  I don’t even want to use that word, because I think it’s ridiculous,” he told PEOPLE.  He said his kids are fine and are not being harmed.

And as far as the couple’s marriage?  In Touch claims they have been over for some time, but have stayed together for the sake of their TV show.

A source said, “He said he was completely miserable and the marriage was pretty much done.

“Jon said then that he confronted Kate six months ago about her relationship with her bodyguard.  Jon’s had it–it’s all fake.  And Kate is putting on a show.”

Are Jon and Kate that manipulative?  They would seriously stay together, and “put on a show” just to keep the cash rolling in, even if it meant causing hurt to their children and family?

Wow, do we even know this couple, who seemed so cute and fun to watch not so long ago?


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