Jon Gosselin Holds Illegal 4th Of July Fireworks Display



The Gosselin’s Fourth of July party consisted of a little reunification, sparklers, and a little good old-fashioned law-break’n. Responding to reports that Jon let his fireworks pyromania get the best of him, local law enforcement officials that Jon was, in fact, a crimal.

An eyewitness tells Life & Style that Jon lit sparklers, rockets, cherry bombs and firecrackers from his front lawn in broad daylight. “Things got so loud,” says the witness, “that one ka-boom in particular sent all the kids scurrying back to the house.” That prompted Kate to screech out, “Jon, I think that’s illegal in Pennsylvania!”

Asked to comment, officer Thomas Deiterich of the Lower Heidelberg, Pa., police department tells Life & Style, “Fireworks are illegal for personal home use in the state of Pennsylvania.” Deiterich went on to say that the law isn’t usually enforced.

As far as whether or not the party was a signal that Jon and Kate were trying to work things out, it doesn’t seem likely. According to reports, the two parents looked pretty uncomfortable and kept their distance from one another.

Still, I guess it’s a good sign that Kate didn’t call the cops to have Jon arrested. That puts them on better terms than some of the exes that I know.