Jon Gosselin is Now Hip


jon-gosselins-vegas-pool-party-twitterPLAYA Jon Gosselin is living the dream and he wants you to know all about it.  Also, words from his sponsor.

Jon Gosselin is on Twitter.  Yes, just like FameCrawler before him he has reached out to the masses and sadly, the masses appear to be reaching back. And not to punch him.

Nearly 28,000 people are following Jon Gosselin on Twitter.  Don’t just give that power away, twitterers!

The guy has more followers than anyone that douchey should ever have (exceptions: Me & Ashton).

So what do you think, reader(s).  Are you going to follow Jon on Twitter?  If so, why?  If not, why… oh wait, we only have so much space in our comment section.

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