Jon Gosselin Is Suing Mad — But First He Needs Kate Gosselins Permission

Talking to the tabloids again: Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is piping mad, and he wants the tabloid magazines to know it.  The former reality telelvision star is reeling after a former show editor for Jon and Kate Plus 8 has been arrested with 10 counts of exploting a minor.

Kate Gosselin‘s ex-husband told Star magazine that he’s planning on taking legal action to protect his children, but first needs to send an email to his former wife.  Of course.  And with the help of Inspector Gadget, too.

“I have contacted an attorney and I’m trying to gather all the information from the authorities in North Carolina to see if there is any evidence he has footage or is he has distributed it,” he tells Star.

He also says that his first order of business is to find out what footage was seen by former show editor William Blankinship and whether it involved his eight kids.

Jon also adds, “Of course we filmed potty training.  Any parent would be freaked out by this, because the cameraman definitely shot the kids getting ready for bed, being showered, and being changed.”

While we completely understand the seriousness behind Jon’s concerns as a parent, we can’t help but wonder, must he be announcing this to the public?  And here we thought the Gosselins were done with hogging the spotlight.