Jon Gosselin Is Totally Screwed


Jon GosselinJon Gosselin he is screwed.  Jon and Kate’s divorce was just finalized on Friday morning. While Kate is said to be “thrilled” with the decision by the arbitrator, Jon…well he probably ain’t. Why is he so screwed?

According to TMZ, Jon has been instructed to provide very very large monthly child support payments in the five figures! Thing is, with his recent legal battle with TLC, it’s been deemed that he can not take any outside jobs! He also had to pay back every red cent of the $235,000 he took out of his and Kate’s joint account. Does Ed Hardy take preworn returns?

And Kate won custody of the kids. Jon, he just gets visitation but this was decided upon previously. But at least Jon doesn’t have to provide spousal support, neither party will have to provide that.

Kate’s lawyer? He’s good!