Jon Gosselin Joins (VIDEO)



Wow, Jon Gosselin moves fast!  His divorce isn’t even final, concrete custody arrangements haven’t been made concerning his eight children, yet he’s already searching for his perfect “match?”  If it’s over, it’s over, right?  No time to waste!  Meet ‘JonMinus9‘ on

See the video after the jump

Jon is a great catch, right?  I mean he loves wearing Ed Hardy clothing, has diamond studs in his ears, already has 8 kids, so add that to your 4 (if you have children) and you are practically the Duggars, and can probably get your own reality TV show on TLC about raising a huge, blended family.  Jon & Kate Plus 8 might never be coming back, so good time to pitch a new idea to the network.

And seriously, who says a separated semi-single dad can’t start dating before the actual divorce?  I’m sure his kids will learn to love his new girlfriend.

Watch the spoof video:


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