Jon Gosselin & Kids Water Pistol Show Down


As Mom dances (or attempts to dance-no judgement) her way to victory on reality TV, Jon took some time out from plotting against her in his upcoming plea for primary custody and spent some time with the kids doing what children love to do when the sun shines: Water fight!

What started out as Jon vs. Six quickly turned to kid on kid pistol action and then on paparazzi peering over the fence to catch the activity. Photographers still managed to catch some adorable shots of their epic battle. Check them out

This shot has solved a major problem for me. When it comes to super soaker time at my house, we load inside. This gets messy. Water soaks the floors and their are spills and falls on wet linoleum in the rush to get back outside and do some damage. But the Gosselin kids use coolers filled with water, placed in the yard to reload. Brilliant.