Jon Gosselin May Join New Reality Show "Divorced Dad's Club"


jon-gosselin-divorced-dads-clubAs the battle between Jon and the rest of the planet rages on, it’s being reported that he’s considering a jump to a new, super-classy reality show entitled Divorced Dad’s Club. The only thing that stands in Jon’s way: his contract with TLC, of course.

Jon has reportedly been talking with Endemol, the production company working on DDC, but he’s worried that his contract with TLC will prevent him from cashing in.

Apparently, the divorce left Kate in charge of the couple’s finances, and Jon’s not getting quite enough to support his playboy lifestyle. Jon’s allegedly been selling pictures and stories to the tabloids to make money on the side.

Obviously, TLC is not liking that one bit.

We already know that Jon’s relationship with TLC is on the rocks (his girlfriend called it “the lying channel”), now TMZ is reporting that the network has sent Rebel Jon a letter, informing him that he’s violating the “morals” clause in his contract. Apparently, they’re not too keen on how he’s been out crashing teenage parties, sleeping with the babysitter, etc.