Jon Gosselin Moves Into New Apartment


While Kate Gosselin was spotted filming scenes for her new TV show around Reading, Pennsylvania, Jon Gosselin was up to something slightly less glam: moving.

The father of eight, who is on the fast track to becoming better known as ‘Kate’s ex-husband’ is moving into an apartment in downtown Reading. He’ll be near the kids–assuming Kate and the kids are staying put and not relocating to Los Angeles. But I’m not sure anything is more emblematic of the opposite directions their lives are going these days then the contrast in these images–Jon smoking a cigarette surrounded by a bunch of bags, while Kate traipses around with a film crew.

To the extent that I have chosen an allegiance in this sordid tale, I have found myself leaning toward the Team Kate camp.  Nonetheless, it’s good to see Jon do something other than ride around his front lawn in an ATV and get his lawyer to issue press releases about his ex-wife. I’m all about the forward motion, and I truly think Jon could use some right about now. A move is always a good first step. A job would be even better, but hey, let’s not put the cart before the horse, or in this case, the horse’s…well…let’s just leave it there.

More of Jon making progress and moving into his shiny new digs on the next page.