Jon Gosselin: Women Used To Feel Sorry For Him, Now Not So Much


Jon Gosselin, when married and very much together with wife Kate, received a lot of sympathy from people, particularly women.  Many felt he was berated by Kate way too much, and thought he got a raw deal in the relationship.  However, the tides have turned, and Jon Gosselin is very much disliked.

Perhaps the public’s view of Jon has changed because he has changed?  Or maybe his true colors are coming out?

When Jon and Kate split, there were many people (again, mostly women) who were “team” Jon.  Finally, he’s leaving that over-bearing, controling shrew who was always on his case for not doing “this” or “that” properly.  However, there has been a shift and it might have to do with the fact that Jon started dating 22-year-old party girl, Hailey Glassman, daughter of Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgeon (who performed her tummy tuck).  It seemed Jon forgot that no matter what is going on between him and estranged wife Kate, he is still a daddy to eight.  He appeared more into his Ed Hardy shirts, jet-setting and smoking.

Kate Gosselin is now the one who is getting the most sympathy because she’s a “wronged” women.  While none of us know for sure if Jon cheated on Kate before they actually announced their split, (although some evidence points towards the fact that he could have), Jon certainly jumped into a “relationship” with another woman rather quickly.  And some women don’t like that.

Here are a couple of comments from women when ABC News asked fans where they stood on the whole Jon and Kate story.

“I’m with Kate and the kids.  It’s clear this guy is all about what is best for Jon.  As a child of divorced parents, I think I can say that while he may not have destroyed all happiness in life for his children, he is creating a legacy of misery that will follow them all their lives.”

Another woman said, “I used to feel a little sorry for Jon.  Now I see why Kate did so much nagging.  It is now clear that Jon wasn’t interested in stepping up to the plate and doing stuff without being directed.  He wasn’t a partner; he was another person Kate had to take care of.”

Other comments were similiar in sentiment, and polls suggest that Kate is definitely the one people are siding with at this point.  It seems that she is the one who is most concerned with their eight children, and while Jon obviously loves his kids, seems a bit more wrapped up in “me me me” and the single life.

Jon does say now, that he plans to put his children first and will be more careful about who he’s seen with because he’s afraid of his kids “googling” him.  He claims he will not be introducing anyone to his children at this point in his life.

Obviously the children come first, but just speaking about Jon and Kate, who do you relate to, or side with more?  Or do both parents make you sort of ill?


Article Posted 7 years Ago
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