Jon Gosselin & New Girlfriend Hailey Glassman Holding Hands (PHOTOS)



There is no denying it now – Jon Gosselin is in love (or at least likes a lot).  Friends of Jon’s, as well as his girlfriend’s, Hailey Glassman, have said the couple are “in love,” and that could be true.  The two have been spotted in France, holding hands.  You know what comes next… babies.

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Wait, maybe there are a few steps between holding hands and popping a baby out.  I might need to brush up on some notes.

Anyway, TMZ has obtained pics of Jon and his new lady love strolling the streets of St. Tropez.  And according to RadarOnline, Jon and Hailey are in France so they can possibly get a deal with Ed Hardy clothing line.  Glassman is hoping to launch her own line of shoes and sandals, and since her new boyfriend is a “celebrity” he has some pull.  Plus, Jon likes wearing Ed Hardy clothing, so that probably helps.

I guess it must be Kate’s turn with the kids, so Jon is going to take full advantage of his week off.  I wonder if Jon brings Hailey to the house when it’s his week with his children?

Take a look at Jon and Hailey enjoying France.


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