Jon Gosselin On A Razor Scooter


On Sunday, Jon Gosselin returned to the family home in Reading for the first time since February 28th. To mark his return, he and the 8 had a field day on the driveway, playing with pretty much every single object that has wheels on the property… including the recycling bin. Oh yeah, and if you’ve ever wanted to see Jon ride a Razor scooter, today’s your lucky day (see below).

There hasn’t been much news on the Jon front as of late. Since Kate signed on to DWTS, her ex-husband has had trouble making his way into the headlines.

At this point, no one seems to know what Jon has been up to for the last month. Is he working on a secret reality show? Now that he’s back at the family home, all seems well. It looks like the 8 missed him.

Photos: INF Daily

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