Jon Gosselin Plays Golf! Soccer! Rides Scooter!


Jon Gosselin arrived home over the weekend to watch the eight while Kate tapes this week’s Dancing with the Stars. If it wasn’t enough of a workout simply keeping up with all of them, Jon kicks it into high gear, practicing his golf swing, getting a little soccer game going and my favorite, zipping around on a razor scooter. In light of his recent decision to sue Kate for primary custody of the kids, its hard to watch this guy do anything without imagining a motive behind it. Lately, it seems Jon is doing his best to be ‘the fun parent’, tearing around on ATVs, having a water gun fight and in general doing anything he can to convince the world of what a great dad he is.

Is it working? Does Jon’s play make him a good parent? Or does ‘fun Jon’ seem like just anther one of the kids?

More of Jon being the life of the playground on the next page.

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