Jon Gosselin Quit Twitter! But Kate Gosselin is Still Going Strong! What Happened?

Jon Gosselin Quits Twitter

If you can’t take the heat, then it is best to get out of the kitchen and that’s just what Jon Gosselin did. The dad of Kate’s “plus eight,”made a big statement and not just declared that he was quitting Twitter but he went and deleted his account. But before he pulled the plug he sent a message out to his followers saying:

“goodbye, thanks for the follows, thanks for support. but enough is enough. done done done. its just too involved. love JG” He also tweeted,  “no more tweeting im done. have more important things to concentrate on, like me and family. tired of the bs. don’t need it in my life. sry”

Wow. I guess he was getting some pretty harsh messages or tweets. And yes, I think we can all agree that his time would be better spent on his family.

But his ex Kate? She is still very much engaged in Twitter. But she uses it mostly in a promotional capacity to pimp snack bars and to talk about her new hobby, running. She was even in Twitter happy BlogHer land over the weekend.

Do you think Jon Gosselin will be missed on Twitter?

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