Jon Gosselin Says His Kids Are "Good"


Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin has been trying to do much damage control lately, speaking out, apologizing to estranged wife Kate Gosselin (on TV of course) and he wants us to know that he’s putting his kids first.

Jon told OK! at his newly established charity “The Jon Gosselin Children’s Foundation,”: “The kids are good.”  He refused to answer any questions about his girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

The father-of-eight said that it would be “Mady and Cara’s birthday on Thursday,” but didn’t say much else.

Employee of Millions of Milkshakes said Jon is trying his best to get through his very public divorce.  He said it’s “rather shocking and overwhelming, but I think that Jon is really trying to find some balance and do some good.”

Yes, by doing more interviews.  That will help get through a public divorce.  And no doubt benefit the kids.

If Jon says the kids are good, then must be so, right?  I sure hope so!