Jon Gosselin Says It's All Lies


jon-gosselin1Jon Gosselin isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. At least that’s what he says.

He’s trying to put out fires everywhere. It’s like he didn’t realize that his douchey behavior would have any consequences. He told People magazine that he never said he wanted off the show.

He says that he has to watch what he says so it doesn’t contradict something else. He was trying to explain away some of the rumors and things he said that were taken out of context.

He said, ” A fan asked me, ‘Don’t you sometimes wish you could go back to a 9-to-5 job?’ [And my reply was,] ‘Yeah, because this is 24/7 and 9-to-5ers punch in and punch out and you have no responsibilities.’ ”

Also, the rumor about the kids not wanting to film, was just a one day thing. The kids wanted to go swimming. It was 96 degrees and the pool was much better than anything else they thought of.

He thinks that everyone is blowing this whole deal out of proportion and I’m inclined to believe him on that. I mean really, this is like the whole Pitt-Jolie-Aniston thing. Are we ever going to let it go?


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